Minister’s Letter: November 2013


This week I am Struggling, and so is this PC

This week I am struggling and so is this PC, I retired it in 2005. It's successor has given out on me for some reason and refuses to switch on. So I am having to remember how Windows XP works and the reasons why I retired this PC. It has some funny glitches so apologies now for any strange typo's. If my PC could talk it would say it's it's age. Actually I have just had to cut and paste some wandering text back into the right place.

Comforting to know that machines along with us, age and are not infallible. They can make mistakes as well when there years increase. Also their memory isn't what it used to be.

This is a month of dare I say 'vague' remembrances? What exactly do we remember on November 5th? Not a conspiracy to blow up parliament. Hopefully it will be a time of joy, of family and friends getting together. Colour, skies lit up for all to enjoy.

Then a little further into the month and what do we remember, and how can we remember? We weren't there, or at least the majority of us weren't. However the stories have been handed down to us of the horrors of World war one and only part of the tale told. Since then we have had another world war and more wars, civil unrests, campaigns, wars in lands we had never heard of and the tales go on of the desperate need for peace and an end to all forms of violence.

Then as I am having to pull back the text on this old PC, I need to pull back my remembrances to an important date that begins the month of November. All Saints Day. A day when we remember those we have loved who are no more and yet we know as Christians they have gone, we believe to be in heaven. To be with God and are at peace and rest. It gives us a sense of Joy and hope and peace to know that for them the earthly struggles are over and they have received their eternal reward. It's good to have a day in the year particularly to remember them.

Memories and remembrances along with the passing years are precious and difficult to 'get it right' and to move on to something better. Often we say especially when grieving, "what would our loved ones have wanted for us?". Not to stay in remembrance but to move on and for the right reasons. In WW1 did those men in the trenches not hope for a better world and for peace to reign forever, not for a few short years?

Oh dear I cannot tell you how many timetop s I am having to stop and correct rambling text, and I will leave the last one in this sentence so you see what I mean! But soon I will have a new PC with a much updated, bigger better memory and operating system and this poor thing can be put away for emergencies again. But I am glad I held onto it.

In a sense we all put so much back on the shelf in case of emergencies, sadly it's often remembrances of one whose memory never fades or needs updating. Our heavenly Father is always there remembering our needs even knowing them before we do and ready to listen and help. So in this month of remembrances do not forget to give thanks and to pray to our heavenly Father for all the Joy and Peace and love we enjoy and have enjoyed through the sacrifice that others have made and still make on our behalf. Go on praying for peace to reign in our world.

Love Joy and peace to you in our Heavenly Father's Name.
Rev Jean and an old PC!